1Shougang plant was founded in 1919, indomitable after suffering, have a progress of innovative development that experienced from growing from nothing, small to large, weak to strong. After the foundation of PRC, Shougang is determined to serve the country with steel. With aspiring slogan "break the top ceiling, to see the sky",Shougang kept hard working, finish the times of no steel, no material and no mine. After the reform and opening, Shougang emancipated the mind, be pioneering, adhere to the "spirit " daring dare, dare to insist on hard work hard ",took the lead of contracting system ,and liberated the productive force, then Shougang had become a banner of Chinese SOE reform. Since the new century, Shougang is insisting on innovating, being excellent. With the spirit of “dare to bear, dare to innovate, dare to be the pioneers of the world”,Shougang achieved an unprecedented steel migration ,and become the demonstrator of carrying  out Scientific Concept of Development, turned into the pioneer of Beijing,Tianjin. Inspired by this spirit, Shougang has never shrunk back, scared or dodged when facing severe conditions. Shougang spirit lead generations along the road of dreams forward.

2During current and the near future, Shougang is entering a crucial stage of comprehensive of reform and accelerating the development of the transformation. Facing the most difficult, severe and cruel “steel winter”,the task is getting more and more strenuous and arduous. How to recognize “new normal”,then adapt to it ,guide and hold it? More than grasping the new trend and opportunities, facing new challenges, getting confidence to survive, tackling the development, we need to vigorously carry forward the tradition and spirit of the Shougang and gathering strength, encouraging staffs to be optimistic, keep faith and be passionate, perseverant when facing contradictions. Keep hard working with setting goals. These efforts give a powerful spirit support of the reform and transformation.

3, "13th Five-Year" period coincided with the 100 anniversary of Shougang, the plant was undertaking the history and creating the future, facing the new challenges and opportunities. To complete the arduous and glorious mission, to achieve the goal, Shougang inherited and must vigorously carry forward the tradition and spirit. This spirit improved the sense of pride, responsibility and mission. By inheriting the glorious tradition, advocating the spirit of the times, people struggled together and made the beautiful blueprint into reality which laying a solid foundation for the comprehensive construction of large enterprise groups with world influence.

4, “dare to bear, dare to innovate, dare to be the pioneers of the world” is the core content of the spirit during the new period of Shougang, it has its distinctive characteristics and profound ideological content, it is the inheritance and development of Shougang spirit" daring dare, dare to insist on hard work hard " , the two form integrated as a whole organic that embodies the innovation related with the inheritance of one consistent principle and keeping pace with the times.

5“dare to bear”is the responsibility, attitude, style. It is the most core and obvious cultural characteristics, coming with birth and handing on from generation to generation. It reflects the responsibility to fulfill words, give an account on time and keep promises. It embodies Shougang the rigorous attitude of integrity of dedication, strong execution and efficient cooperation; it also shows the style of consciously practice when facing difficulties, always keeping moving and keep persevent.

6, "dare to innovate" is the motivation, method and practice. It is the most obvious and active culture essence in practice, inherent and endless. It reflects the motivation of emancipating the mind, self challenge and pioneering. This spirit embodies the scientific method of learning, openness and inclusiveness. It also embodies Shougang of grasping the opportunity and meeting the challenges, and consciously practicing the general business.

7, "Dare to be the pioneers of the world" is a kind of ambition, courage, and pursuit. It is the deepest and most profound culture gene in the heart, with a long history and never fading its charm. This dare spirit reflects the people to strive for ambitious to make progress, serve the motherland and the society. It also embodies the extraordinary courage of Shougang to break the rules, have tries and innovate; this dare also give expressions on the pursuit of striving to be stronger, reforming with keen determinations and achieving a bright future!