Shougang Casey 2015 annual summary and commendation Conference


On 25 January 2016 afternoon, Shougang Casey held the 2015 annual summary and commendation conference, the leadership of the company, Zhang Qingchun Ye Songren, Li Zhong, Wu Hui, Qian Wei and all the staff attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Li Zhong, the first meeting by Zhang Qingchun entitled "survival and development, to promote the work of the summary report of Casey" Shougang transformation and development, report on the 2015 completion of the work carried out summary, elaborated the 2016 work plan, pointed out the direction for the key tasks in 2016.

Zhang Qingchun pointed out that in the past 2015, Shougang Casey, is extremely difficult and challenging year, at home and abroad by the overall macroeconomic impact of the economic downturn, the overall situation of the steel industry is very difficult, a significant decline in demand, supply and demand contradictions intensified, the situation is very serious, the steel industry has come to winter.

Such a severe external market situation, we also have an extremely bad effect. Downstream customers large area down, the main varieties of shrinking demand, product prices continue to decline, the production and operation of the pressure increasing. However, in Shougang Jingtang company and under the leadership of the staff to carry forward the spirit of hard work, not afraid of difficulties, unity, better to complete the Our wills unite like a fortress., business objectives and tasks at the beginning of the year. On 2015, Shougang Casey, not only to resist the external iron and steel industry in the winter, more important is that through the concerted efforts of all the internal management level has been greatly improved, the vitality of enterprises has been significantly enhanced, and laid a solid foundation for the company s restructuring and development.

The next Zhang Qingchun from the five aspects of the work completed in 2015 were reviewed and summarized: (a) to adjust the institutional reform as a breakthrough, optimize the management level, strengthening the management responsibility, management responsibilities, to further strengthen the management control ability; (two) to fully optimize the production management, and strive to practice the efficiency; (three) strengthening foundation management, enhance the management level of the enterprise; (four) research and analysis of new projects, the development of the first step towards restructuring; (five) to adhere to the people-oriented, strengthening the human resources management.

Zhang Qingchun pointed out that although in 2015 we made a lot of progress, but the situation is still not optimistic. Riding a boat behind. Only continue to view themselves, constantly to find their own shortcomings, continue to seek solutions, the courage to continue to improve, we can survive and develop.

The whole idea of work in 2016 is: one is to avoid weaknesses, take advantage of products do better and stronger, especially chrome products, must dafanshenzhang, the goal is to create the domestic unique competitive chrome plating production base. A chilled, continuous annealing products depends on changes in the market conditions, immediately opened up and flexible; two is bigger and stronger Shougang products trade work, to continue to increase the intensity on the basis of last year, the volume of trade more than a branch of downtime caused by the loss of sales, monthly 15 thousand tons level as soon as possible, the key to have profit; three is to carry out a comprehensive enterprise restructuring and development work, start the tin downstream processing extension project, give full play to Zhangzhou and the surrounding food industry developed advantages, give full play to the advantages of the whole industry chain, but also to start a cold rolling composite project, to do high-end products, high value-added products; four is to further improve the work of enterprise management, hard skills, enhance power, lay a solid foundation for the transformation and development.

Report in 2016 focused on the work of Shougang Casey: (a) recognize the situation, strengthen confidence, positive change; (two) the deepening of enterprise management reform, strengthening the basic management, improve the management level; (three) continuously improve enterprise management, increase new vitality in the development of the enterprise; (four) enterprise development started.

Finally, Zhang Qingchun pointed out that in the fast changing market, difficulty is the opportunity, the opportunity is a challenge. We have confidence, the difficulties, to fight for survival and development of the battle. Let us together for the Shougang Casey strength, struggling to create a new situation in the transformation and development of Shougang Casey!

The next meeting held 2015 annual outstanding staff award ceremony, Ye Songren announced the list of outstanding employees, the company Leadership Awards for outstanding employees. In the warm applause, Casey Shougang Steel Company Limited 2015 annual summary and commendation conference ended.